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Template:Nihongois the fourth episode of the Planetarian net anime series. It was released on 28 July 2016.


After leaving the planetarium, the junker and Yumemi begin walking together. After stopping for the fourth time, the junker asks Yumemi to leave the bouquet so she stops tripping, however, the junker decides to carry it with him instead. They then continue walking until they reach a destroyed liquor store, where the junker searches the store for alcohol. After finding alcohol, he is hesitant to grab the bottle due to witnessing a trap with alcohol previously. Yumemi grabs the bottle of alcohol.

The junker and Yumemi continue forth until they stop, where the junker spots a Fiddler Crab. The junker returns the bouquet to Yumemi, who is told to stay until the junker returns. The junker then enters a building and prepares to attack the Fiddler Crab. Using a grenade launcher, he fires at the Fiddler Crab, however, the round was a misfire and the Fiddler Crab fires back.

Production Credits

  • Screenplay: Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Storyboard: Shunsuke Machiya
  • Production: Shunsuke Machiya
  • Animation Direction: Ryūji Tsuzuku, Yui Kinoshita, Keihana Otsuka
  • Action: Yasuhiro Saiki


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